WSE-7025 EzStandard LMW,atto代理,atto试剂

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Purpose and Application

  • Low molecular weight protein marker (about 1,000~29,000 Da) for SDS-PAGE


  • sharp and clear band
  • Wide molecular weight range 1,000Da ~ 29,000Da
  • Store for one year and refrigerate for six months.


Tips for Low Molecular Weight Protein Electrophoresis

Electrophoresis of proteins and polypeptides with a molecular weight of around 20,000 Da or less is difficult to separate in the usual SDS-PAGE (Laemmli method), so the electrophoresis is carried out with tris-tricin buffer (AE-1415 EzRunT).

Gels and electrophoresis buffers are used exclusively for low molecular weight protein separation. The minimum time for the migration is about 65 minutes, and the migration is completed faster than before.

Low molecular weight proteins and polypeptides can spread if it is not fixed immediately after migration or not stained for a short period of time. CBB staining with AE-1340 EzStain AQua can be stained and destained for a short time using the microwave oven method.


WSE-7025 EzStandard LMW
Components 6 protein and polypeptides
1000, 3500, 6500, 14300, 17000, 29000 Da
Package Peptide stock (20x) 0.1 mL
Sample buffer (2x) 10 mL
DTT 150 mg
Preparation Mix Peptide stock, Sample buffer, and DTT and heat at 70℃ for 5-10 minutes before use
Applicable amount approximately 400 to 1,000 times (2~5 μL/well)
Storage 1 year at -20℃, 6 months at 4℃ (after preparation)

Ordering Information

Code No. Description Unit
2332348 WSE-7025 EzStandard LMW 1 set


用于SDS-PAGE的低分子量蛋白质标记(约1000 ~ 29000 Da)

宽分子量范围1000da ~ 29000da

分子量在20,000 Da左右的蛋白质和多肽在通常的SDS-PAGE (Laemmli法)中难以分离,因此采用tris-tricin缓冲液(AE-1415 EzRunT)进行电泳。


低分子量蛋白质和多肽如果在迁移后不立即固定或短时间内不染色,就会扩散。AE-1340 EzStain AQua的CBB染色可以用微波炉法进行短时间的染色和着色。