AE-1435 EzApply 2D Kit,atto代理,atto试剂

2022年10月27日 作者 jinpanbio

AE-1435 EzApply 2D Kit

Purpose and Application

  • Extraction of Proteins from Mammalian cell or tissue cultures
  • 2D electrophoresis sample buffer


  • Separate extraction allows higher protein concentration per gel, spot detection is easy.
  • Reducing reagent, alkylating reagent, washing buffer and stratified solutions are also incorporated into a kit
  • Low running cost, while allowing short-time extraction and easy sample preparation
  • Combination use with AE-1430 EzApply (sample preparation kit for SDS-PAGE) makes it applicable to SDS-PAGE as well as 2-D electrophoresis



AE-1435 EzApply 2D Kit
Major components Wash buffer: Tris, NaCl
Solution 1: Tris, Ampholine, DTT
Solution 2: Urea, Thiourea, Surfactant
Alkylated reagent: Ampholine, DTT
Stratified solutions: Acrylamide, BPB, Urea
Package Solution/30 mL bottle x 2 (Wash buffer)
Solution/20 mL bottle (Solution 1)
Solution/10 mL bottle (Solution 2)
Solution/1 mL tube (Alkylated reagent)
Solution/500 μL tube (Stratified solution)
Powder/tube (DTT)
Preparation Appropriated amount of solution is applied to tissues or cells, which were lysed and extracted
Applicable amount Extracted from 100 mg of mammalian tissue 20 runs
Storage 6 months at -20℃ (before dissolved in DTT)
1 week after dissolved in DTT

Ordering Information

Code No. Description Unit
2332335 AE-1435 EzApply 2D Kit 1 pk



与AE-1430 EzApply (SDS-PAGE样品制备试剂盒)结合使用,使其适用于SDS-PAGE和二维电泳