DAKO一抗稀释液Antibody Diluent,Background Reducing

2022年8月4日 作者 jinpanbio
DAKO一抗稀释液Antibody Diluent, Background Reducing
for dilution of antibodies which tend to give high, non-specific background staining in immunohistochemical procedures.Diminishes background staining while maintaining adequate,specific staining

DAKO一抗稀释液Antibody Diluent, Background Reducing


DAKO一抗稀释液Antibody Diluent, Background Reducing说明:

Intended use For In Vitro diagnostic use.
This product is intended for use as a diluent in the preparation of primary antibodies and negative control
reagents. It is to be used with antibodies and/or antigens that yield high background in immunohistochemical
(IHC) staining procedures.
Refer to the “General Instructions for Immunohistochemical Staining” or the Detection System “Instructions” of
IHC procedures for: (1) Principle of Procedure, (2) Materials Required, Not Supplied, (3) Storage, (4) Specimen
Preparation, (5) Staining Procedure, (6) Quality Control, (7) Troubleshooting, (8) Interpretation of Staining,
(9) General Limitations.
Reagent provided 0.05 mol/L Tris-HCl buffer containing 0.1% Tween, stabilizing proteins to reduce background, and 0.015 mol/L
sodium azide.
Precautions 1. For professional users.
2. This product contains sodium azide (NaN3), a chemical highly toxic in pure form. At product concentrations,
though not classified as hazardous, build-ups of NaN3 may react with lead and copper plumbing to form
highly explosive metal azides. Upon disposal, flush with large volumes of water to prevent azide build-up in
3. Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment to avoid contact with eyes and skin.
4. Unused solution should be disposed of according to local, State and Federal regulations.
Reactivity For demonstration of tissue antigens by IHC, optimal staining performance is dependent on the correct dilution of the primary antibody. The interaction between antibodies and epitopes consists mainly of relatively weak forces such as van der Waals forces, electrostatic forces and hydrophobic forces, which are influenced by pH and ionic strength. Consequently, to assure optimal performance of the antibody with the least amount of background, the choice of diluent is important.
应用 该产品为多克隆和单克隆抗体的稀释以及在 IHC 中制备阴性对照试剂提供了适当的缓冲溶液。该产品特别适用于减少背景染色,同时保持特定反应性。当储存在 2–8°C 时,具有降低背景成分的抗体稀释剂也可用于稳定稀释的抗体。该稀释剂应在使用前恢复至室温并彻底混合。
局限性 组织染色结果取决于染色前组织的处理和处理。
伪影、抗体捕获或假阴性结果。此外,假阳性染色可能是由其他 IHC 染色试剂与例如内源性碱性磷酸酶、内源性过氧化物酶、
储存 储存于 2–8°C。不要冻结。