SJ-1211 II-H,SJ-1211 II-L,AC-2110II,Stand-alone type,atto代理,atto蠕动泵

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Peristaltic Pump
SJ-1211 II-H  I  SJ-1211 II-L  I  AC-2110II  Stand-alone type

SJ-1211 II-H,SJ-1211 II-L,AC-2110II,Stand-alone type,atto代理,atto蠕动泵

Purpose and Application

  • Pumping fluids/solutions in chromatography

  • Pumping fermentation broth

  • Pumping chemicals in recirculation experiment

  • A wide range of application, from laboratory to plant, etc


  • Standard Perista Pump.

  • SJ-1211II-H flow rate: 7~700mL/h (φ3mm-1mm/φ4mm-2mm/φ5mm-3mm silicone tube)

S-1211 ll-H Perista Pump (High Flow Rate)
Flow rate 7 – 700 mL/h (Inner diameter p1~3 mm silicone tube)
Motor AC speed control motor
channel single channel
vertical pumping height 21 m max
Viscosity of transported fluid 1.5 Pa· s (1,500 cP) max
Maximum pressure Discharge 205.9 kPa (2.1 kg/cm3)/ Suction 9.8 kPa(0.1 kg/cm?)
Environmental temperature 0~40′
Accuracy of flow rate Accuracy of repetition within ±1%,Voltage fluctuation (9o-110V)±1%
Drive circuit constant rotation automatic control circuit
Power AC 100/230v 50/60Hz 10VA
Dimension 110(Wx150 (D)x 180 (H) mm
weight 2.0 kg
code No. Description Unit
1221305 SJ-1211 ll-H Perista Pump 1 set
1292231 Pump Head (A) Top stage 1ea
1292233 set of Rollers (A) Top stage 1 ea
1292235 Cover Plate 1 set
1292133 Mounting bolts 2/pk 1 set
1292213 Fixing stud 2/pk 1 set
1292121 P/N 12012 3-1 silicone tube (5 m) 1ea
1292120 P/N 12020 4-2 silicone tube (5 m) 1ea
1292119 P/N12019 5-3 silicone tube (5 m) 1 ea