AB-2550 Kronos Dio,atto代理,atto光度计,atto生物荧光

2022年10月26日 作者 jinpanbio

Luminometer I Bioluminescence

AB-2550 Kronos Dio

AB-2550 Kronos Dio

Bioluminescence measurement system for living cell and tissues

Kronos Dio(AB-2550) is a luminometer for detecting bioluminescence in living cells and tissues by PMT. It is available to control temperature and CO2 gas concentration inside Kronos Dio such as an incubator for cell & tissue culturing. Besides Kronos Dio gives superior performance for multi-color assay, which can detect different colors of luminescence up to three in the same time by internal optical filtering system. Kronos Dio is performing to detect high sensitivity for dim and weak luminescence consecutively in culture samples such as cells and tissues in 35mm culture dishes for a long time. Therefore, it is not required to prepare several samples for measuring each time point to chase alteration in chronologic bioluminescence. In this way, it is very reasonable and convenient against conventional way and method in terms of saving time, accuracy and efficiency.

Kronos Dio(AB-2550)是一种通过PMT检测活细胞和组织中的生物发光的光度计。它可以在Kronos Dio内部控制温度和CO2气体浓度,如细胞和组织培养的培养箱。此外,Kronos Dio还提供了优越的多色检测性能,可以通过内部光学过滤系统同时检测到三种不同颜色的发光。Kronos Dio致力于在35mm培养皿中长期连续检测细胞和组织等培养样品中的弱光和弱光的高灵敏度。因此,不需要准备多个样品来测量每个时间点来追踪生物发光的时间变化。与传统的方法相比,这种方法在节省时间、准确性和效率方面是非常合理和方便的。

Product Number AB-2550
Product Name
Container Culture dish,diameter 35 mm
Number of samples
Temperature control Peltier device and forced air circulation
Temperature range in Kronos Dio incubator From room temperature -5Cto 45°C in
increments of 1°C
(Lowest temp.; 20°C)
lemperature control accuracy in Kronos Dio
土0.5C under room temperature of 25°C
Detector Photomultiplier tube(PMT)
Measurement method Photon counting method with a photomultiplier
Detectable range of wavelength 350 nm to 670 nm
Measurement time 1 to 60 seconds in increments of 1 second
1 to 60 minutes in increments of 1 minute
Measurement interval From less than 1 minutes, which depends on
time required for eight samples,to 300 minutes
in increments of 1 minute