LI-COR P/N 926-80011,LI-COR WesternSure® 山羊抗兔 HRP 二抗

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Reagents > WesternSure® Goat anti-Rabbit HRP Secondary Antibody,WesternSure® 山羊抗兔 HRP 二抗

WesternSure® Goat anti-Rabbit HRP Secondary Antibody


Rabbit IgG

Purity and Specificity

The antibody was purified by affinity chromatography on pooled rabbit IgG covalently linked to agarose. Based on ELISA and/or flow cytometry, the antibody reacts with the heavy and light chains of rabbit IgG, and with the light chains of rabbit IgM. The antibody has minimal cross-reactivity with human and mouse immunoglobulins.

抗体通过亲和层析在与琼脂糖共价连接的合并兔IgG上纯化。 基于 ELISA 和/或流式细胞术,抗体与兔 IgG 的重链和轻链以及兔 IgM 的轻链反应。 该抗体与人和小鼠免疫球蛋白的交叉反应最小。


  • Chemiluminescent Western blots

Formulation and Recommended Dilutions

The antibody is supplied as purified immunoglobulin, supplied in 50% glycerol and 50% PBS, pH 7.4. No preservative has been added. Store at 4 °C.

Substrate Recommended Dilution Range
WesternSure PREMIUM Substrate 1:5,000 – 1:100,000
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  • P/N 926-80011: RRID AB_2721264