LI-COR WesternSure® Pen,LI-COR P/N 928-50000

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WesternSure® Pen

The WesternSure Pen is used to annotate visible protein ladders (such as Chameleon® Vue, P/N 928-50000) prior to chemiluminescent Western blot detection.

The pen is optimized for detection using the C-DiGit® Blot Scanner or the Odyssey® Fc Imaging System, and is also suitable for use with film or other imaging systems. This unique marker delivers an ink which emits light when incubated with commonly-used chemiluminescent substrates, including WesternSure PREMIUM Chemiluminescent Substrate. The ink is faintly visible for easy identification of marked membranes.

WesternSure Pen 用于在化学发光蛋白质印迹检测之前注释可见蛋白质梯(例如 Chameleon® Vue,P/N 928-50000)。

该笔针对使用 C-DiGit® 印迹扫描仪或 Odyssey® Fc 成像系统进行检测进行了优化,也适用于胶片或其他成像系统。 这种独特的标记提供的墨水在与常用的化学发光底物(包括 WesternSure PREMIUM 化学发光底物)一起孵育时会发光。 墨水隐约可见,便于识别标记的膜。

WesternSure® Pen

“It is so nice to be able to just draw right on the membrane and then see it.”

Dr. Lisa Keyes, University of Florida

Make Protein Markers Visible

WesternSure® Pen
Chemiluminescent detection of visible protein standards. The WesternSure Pen was used to mark the blue protein standards (A) for chemiluminescent Western blot detection. The blot was exposed to WesternSure PREMIUM Chemiluminescent Substrate and imaged on Odyssey Fc Imaging System (B).
可见蛋白质标准的化学发光检测。 WesternSure Pen 用于标记用于化学发光蛋白质印迹检测的蓝色蛋白质标准品 (A)。 印迹暴露于 WesternSure PREMIUM 化学发光底物并在 Odyssey Fc 成像系统 (B) 上成像。