LI-COR WesternSure® 山羊抗小鼠 HRP 二抗,LI-COR P/N 926-80010

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Reagents > WesternSure® Goat anti-Mouse HRP Secondary Antibody,WesternSure® 山羊抗小鼠 HRP 二抗

WesternSure® Goat anti-Mouse HRP Secondary Antibody


Mouse IgG paraproteins

Purity and Specificity

The antibody was purified by affinity chromatography on pooled mouse IgG covalently linked to agarose. Based on ELISA and/or flow cytometry, the antibody reacts with the heavy and light chains of mouse IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, and IgG3, along with the light chains of mouse IgM and IgA. The antibody has minimal cross-reactivity with human immunoglobulins.

抗体通过亲和层析在与琼脂糖共价连接的合并的小鼠IgG上进行纯化。 基于 ELISA 和/或流式细胞术,抗体与小鼠 IgG1、IgG2a、IgG2b 和 IgG3 的重链和轻链以及小鼠 IgM 和 IgA 的轻链反应。 该抗体与人免疫球蛋白的交叉反应最小。


  • Chemiluminescent Western blots

Formulation and Recommended Dilutions

The antibody is supplied as purified immunoglobulin, supplied in 50% glycerol and 50% PBS, pH 7.4. No preservative has been added. Store at 4 °C.

抗体以纯化的免疫球蛋白形式提供,在 50% 甘油和 50% PBS,pH 7.4 中提供。 没有添加防腐剂。 储存在 4°C。

Substrate Recommended Dilution Range
WesternSure PREMIUM Substrate 1:5,000 – 1:100,000
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  • P/N 926-80010: RRID AB_2721263